Development objectives

Updated: 2011-08-16 14:10


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1. Yunnan will establish the processing base for industrial transfers from eastern and central regions by 2015. The base will also assist exportation to Southeast and South Asia. It will bring about progress in cooperation and exchange with Southeastern and Southern Asian countries. It will further improve public service capacity, markedly enhance urban and rural resident incomes, and dramatically reduce poverty-stricken population. It will expand forest coverage to over 50 percent of its land area, and fully accomplish the national target for energy conservation and emission reduction during the 12th Five-year Plan period.

2. By 2020, Yunnan will construct roads, railways, pipelines, ports, grid and telecommunication facilities to connect with other parts of the nation and foreign countries. It will also formulate a grand network of transportation, energy, logistics and information service, and remarkably enhance its role as a platform to stimulate openings in Southwest China. It will establish an export oriented system and competitive industrial system with unique characteristics, and further optimize regional layout and structure. It will obviously elevate per capita net incomes of farmers, solve the poverty problem, and equalize public services. It will improve water quality in plateau lakes, remarkably reduce soil erosion areas in the upper reaches of rivers, effectively control stony desertification, raise forest coverage to over 55 percent of land areas, keep consolidating the role of the ecological protective screen, and realize the objective of constructing a moderately prosperous society.