Construct export-oriented industrial bases

Updated: 2011-08-22 16:38

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(I) Make agriculture bigger and stronger

1. Construct competitive farm produces, processing bases and circulation centers. Extend greater support to grain production in Yunnan. Accelerate reform of medium and low-yield farmlands and construction of high-grade grain fields. Maintain the province’s supply of over 90 percent of grains.

2. Give priority to construct industrial raw material bases for flue-cured tobacco, rubber, coffee, and Chinese medicinal crops. Improve construction of gardening product bases for vegetables, tea and flowers.

3. Keep improving stock breeding system. Strengthen construction of animal husbandry production and aquatic product cultivation bases.

4. Vigorously support the upgrade of export food and farm produce quality and construction of safety demonstration zones. Strengthen power over border animal and plant epidemic diseases prevention and control system.

5. Construct important farm produce processing, logistics, convention and exhibition centers, farm machinery transactions services, agricultural science and technology service centers.

6. Strengthen agricultural biological germ plasm resources protection and aquatic resources cultivation.

7. Display the advantages of forestry resources and cultivate new economic growth points.

8. Strengthen overseas agricultural technological guidance and training. Make Yunnan an agricultural technological promotion hub oriented to Southeast Asia.

9. Gradually expand agriculture labor and technology export.

10. Actively guide all kinds of financial institutions to intensify support to the province’s competitive farm produce production and processing.

(II) Improve and upgrade traditional industries

1. Implement diversified industrial policies for West China Development, actively undertake industrial transfers, and cultivate new growth points. Strive to push forward optimization and upgrading of chemical industry, equipment manufacturing, non-ferrous and steel industries.

2. Rely on the Sino-Myanmar oil and gas pipeline project, mainstream hydropower development projects, and overseas water feedback projects to rationally develop the petrochemical industry and technologically advanced energy carrying industry.

3. Facilitate compiling the program of utilizing crude oil and natural gas sent through Sino-Myanmar oil and gas pipelines, construct supporting large-scale refinery projects, and build up industrial zone-based intensive petrochemical bases.

4. Rely on the province’s competitive coal resources to steadily promote modern coal chemical industry upgrading pilot projects, and jointly develop new-type coal chemical industries.

5. Facilitate relocation and upgrading of Kunming Iron and Steel Corporation and develop iron and steel industry in western parts of the province.

6. Demonstrate the competitiveness of hydropower resources, and promote integrated development of mining industry and hydropower industry in the province’s western border region and poverty-stricken regions. Develop clean-energy industries.

7. Construct quarters for rare metals of germanium, steel and gold, and strategic resources of copper, lead zinc and phosphorus.

8. Extend support to the province’s flue-cured tobacco and cigarette businesses, and give preference to Yunnan in national cigarette production quotas.

9. Develop wood-and-paper integrated projects to protect natural vegetation. Construct a group of enterprise technological and engineering research centers, as well as engineering labs. Strengthen cooperation of production, research and development, promote construction of industrial technology innovation strategic alliance, and elevate independent innovations and technological achievements transferring capacity.

10. Invest more in the central geological exploration fund and territorial resources survey and evaluation project.

(III) Actively cultivate strategic emerging industries

1. Rely on the national industrial parks to speed up the cultivation of emerging industries for biomedicines, biological technology service, photo-electronics, new materials, new energy, and high-end equipment manufacturing.

2. Implement the projects for bio-medicine industrial innovations, biomass energy application demonstrations, green food and healthcare products, and bio-chemical engineering development. Construct biological resources development and innovation industrial bases.

3. Make Kunming photo-electronic industrial base bigger and stronger. Accelerate the development of the industrial chain for photovoltaic, semi-conductor lighting, infrared and glimmer night vision industries.

4. Cultivate the rare metal new materials industrial chain. Construct non-ferrous metal and rare metal new materials industrial bases.

5. Build Kunming high-tech service industrial base. Support software and information service industries.

6. The central government will extend preferential treatment to Yunnan in special funds for the development of strategic emerging industries.

7. Rely on existing science and technology resources and bases to vigorously promote China’s transfer of science and technology innovation capacities to the southwest region.

8. Direct Yunnan in setting up small and medium-sized enterprise establishment investment guidance funds.

(IV) Facilitate modern service industry as represented by logistics, convention and exhibition businesses

1. Promote construction of modern logistics service and information platforms, and construct Kunming into a national logistics panel point city and a regional international logistics center.

2. Construct regional logistics panel points in Dali, Jinghong, Mengzi and Lincang. Promote construction of port logistics bases in Mohan, Hekou, Ruili, Houqiao, and Mengding. Encourage well conditioned bases to develop bonded logistics service, and improve professional logistics system.

3. Actively develop the convention and exhibition industry, and support sponsoring large-scale meetings in Yunnan. Gradually cultivate and construct international mining transaction markets in Kunming.

(V) Improve support to financial industry

1. Support to develop Kunming into a regional financial center oriented to Southeast Asia and South Asia. Increase the number of enterprises in Yunnan experimenting with RMB settlements for cross-border transactions. Actively promote signing bilateral home currency settlement agreements with neighboring countries. Set up bilateral inter-bank payment liquidation mechanism to support bilateral trade and investment.

2. Promote RMB-based trade and investment. Accelerate the pace of free convertibility. Support eligible Yunnan companies to float their shares in stock market for financing, issue enterprise bonds, short-term commercial paper, medium-term notes, and small and medium-sized enterprise set debts and notes.

3. Encourage enterprises to utilize futures market to launch hedge funds and manage risks. Support insurance products and service innovation, and promote experimenting insurance businesses relating to border trade and international logistics services.

(VI) Promote great-leap-forward in tourism industry

1. Fully utilize and explore the province’s natural, historic and cultural resources, promote integration of culture and tourism on the basis of enriching tourism with culture. Make Kunming a first-class city in the country and world famous tourism destination.

2. Build up Kunming International Tourism and Leisure Zone in Central Yunnan, Shangri-la ecological tourism zone in Northwest Yunnan, Grand Mekong river cross-border tourism zone in Southwest Yunnan, Huoshan Rehai culture tourism zone in West Yunnan, karst, Hani terraces, and ethnic minority villages in Southeast Yunnan, and landscape culture tourism zone, ecological, historic and culture tourism zone in Northeast Yunnan. Accelerate comprehensive reform of Yunnan’s tourism industry.

3. Support Yunnan in sponsoring the international highway bicycle race and other tourism sport activities.

4. Simplify procedures for tourist entry and exit visas.

5. Extend preferential policies in newly-added construction land use quotas to major tourism projects of the province meeting national industrial policies and land supply policy.