Strategic orientations

Updated: 2011-08-22 16:44

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1. Important gateway of Southwest China’s opening up to the outside world. Accelerate construction of the comprehensive traffic system, energy pipeline network, logistics channels and telecommunications facilities, and construct a grand channel on the land that joins up with Southeast Asia, South Asia, and China’s southwest, central and eastern regions.

2. Test site of China’s border area and West China’s Go Global strategy. Experiment with foreign economic and trade cooperation, foreign cultural exchange, and facilitate customs clearance. Deepen cooperation with the Great Mekong River Sub-region, enhance cooperation with Southeast Asia and South Asia, and expand cooperation with countries bordering the Indian Ocean.

3. Important export industrial base in West China. Rely on the grand international channel, optimize industrial layout, and cultivate Yunnan into China’s export processing and trade, clean energy, emerging petrochemical, farm produce production and processing, bio-industry base, and famous tourism base.

4. China’s important bio-diversity treasury and Southwest China’s ecological security screen. Accelerate treatment of plateau lake water environments, including Dianchi Lake. Promote forest ecological construction in upper reaches of big rivers, soil and water conservation, stony desertification treatment in key areas, and take feasible measures to strengthen bio-diversity protection to promote harmony between man and nature.

5. China’s national unity and progress, stability and prosperity of border areas. Consolidate and develop national unity and stability in border areas, vigorously promote projects that vitalize border areas and that enrich the lives of the people there. Help facilitate exchange and integration of people from all ethnic groups. Promote unification for mutual prosperity and development.