Zhangfeng Port: built into major passageway, port and base

Updated: 2011-09-02 09:27


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On April 2, Guo Yongdong, deputy secretary of Yunnan Discipline Inspection Commission Department, head of Department of Supervision and his party paid a visit to Longchuan county, accompanied by Zhao Zhenkang, member of the Party standing committee of Dehong prefecture, secretary of Dehong Department of Discipline and other relevant personnel. The group investigated and surveyed the monitoring works of the Department of Discipline of Longchuan county, as well as the situations of Zhangfeng Port and city building.

Guo visited the borderer passageway, the import and export port passageways and the customs joint inspection building. According to the plan, Zhangfeng Port’s development objective is: to build it into a "major passageway", that is, a land-water intermodal transport hub between China and Myanmar; build it into a "major port" - a state-level port; and build it into a "major base", meaning a major modern industry base with dominant business on trading services and port trade, while supported by logistics and warehousing, manufacturing and processing, tourism and leisure, residential real estate, bonded and financial services.