Yunnan State Farms Group to restructure and optimize overall distribution

Updated: 2011-09-06 17:33

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Natural rubber production is the pillar industry of Yunnan State Farms Group. With a total plantation area of 491,500 hectares in Yunnan province at present, rubber planting has become one of the economic pillar industries in the frontier tropical zone. Yunnan State Farms Group is to provide policy guidance, scientific planning, industry support and technology support services to better consolidate and enhance this advantageous industry with regional features.

The group highlights "five business sectors" when it comes to the industrial structure. The first is the rubber processing. The group will integrate the rubber pretreating business of the province, relying on the existing rubber processing plants. The second is agricultural products processing. The group expects to reach an output value of 1.071 billion yuan. The third sector is the integration of logistics resources with an expected output value of at least 500 million yuan. The fourth is to enhance the auto parts industry - develop new auto industry by merging existing factories. The production value is expected to reach a minimum of 800 million yuan. The fifth sector is the development of tourism services.

All farms under the group are built in ethnic minority border areas. It is safe to say that the prosperous farms help the stability of the frontiers. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the group aims to put more effort into infrastructure construction to safeguard and improve people's livelihood.