Yunnan Industrial Investment Group to participate in Gateway Building

Updated: 2011-09-06 17:35

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Gong Lidong, director of Yunnan Industrial Investment Holding Group (hereinafter referred to as Industry Investment Group) says that Industry Investment Group will stick to the Gateway Building strategy to make its contribution by seizing the opportunities to make active progresses and set up pilot initiatives through scientifically planning and careful organization.

Building Kunming Export Processing Zone

Kunming Export Processing Zone is the sole state-level export processing industrial park in Yunnan province. It boasts integrated export, processing and bonded functions. The goal for Industry Investment Group is to construct the zone into an important base for Gateway Building.

Strengthening the building of an open economic zone along the border

Industry Investment Group is committed to the construction in Qujing city. The group will support clean energy development in energy consuming industries, the development of deep processing projects of regional resources in the province and deepen the inward regional economic cooperation. It strives to invest in projects with great development potential.

Cultivating emerging industries

Industry Investment Group has long been eyeing the construction of emerging industries. It plans to invest 100 million yuan in setting up insurance companies in Yunnan province to support insurance products and service innovation.