Updated: 2011-09-10 10:35

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The first railway in Yunnan, the Kunming–Hanoi Railway (Sino-Vietnamese Railway), dates back to 1910. In 1941, American-supported construction began on the Yunnan Burma Railway, but this was aborted due to Japanese advances. Since the 1960s, many railways have been constructed in succession, including

Guiyang-Kunming Railway (640 km)

Chengdu-Kunming Railway (1,100 km)

Nanning-Kunming Railway (900 km)

Kunming-Yuxi Railway

Neijiang-Kunming Railway

Guangtong–Dali Railway

Dali–Lijiang Railway (opened 2009)

Kunming–Lijiang (opened 2010) At present, preliminary surveys and studies are under way for the proposed Pan-Asian Railway connecting Yunnan with Southeast Asian countries. Construction on the new Kunming-Vietnam and Dali–Ruili railway is under way.