All measures taken to protect purity of Lugu Lake

Updated: 2011-11-02 10:40

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Yunnan government held a conference on pollution control of Lugu Lake in Ninglang County of Lijiang on Oct 30.

Li Jiheng, deputy secretary and acting governor of Yunnan presented the keynotes of the conference. Chief directors from Yunnan Provincial Water Resources Bureau, Development and Reform Commission, Industry and Information Technology commission, Finance Department and Land and Resources Department also attended the conference and delivered speeches.

During the conference, Lijiang government and administrative committee of Lugu Lake stated the protection and pollution control work being done to the Lake. It was suggested in the conference that more effective measures should be take place to reach grade-one water quality standard for the sustainable development and prosperity of the region along the Lake.

In the last five years, Lugu Lake has witnessed remarkable changes through hard work and huge investments. Considerable progress of environmental renovation of the area along the Lake has taken place.

Before the conference, Mr Li presented a flag to “volunteers of the Lugu Lake protection team”. After the conference, the governor and his party inspected the Lugu Lake area.