Hekou Port: 29.79 billion yuan during the 11th "Five-year Plan" period

During the 11th “Five-year Plan” period, the total value of imports and exports of Hekou Port hit nearly 30 billion yuan.

Daluo Checkpoint: ‘five principles’ to raise service awareness

Daluo Checkpoint has striven to improve its frontier inspection service and image by promoting management, setting up law enforcement standardization, and improving officers’ and soldiers’ service level.

Mengla Port: trade volume up 44.6 percent year on year

The import and export trade value of Mengla Port in 2010 reached 753 million USD, a year-on-year increase of 44.6 percent.

Ruili Port: substantial growth in Jan-June entry-exit flow

According to the latest statistics of Ruili Checkpoint, over the first half of the year, the entry-exit passenger and traffic flow in Ruili Port has substantially increased, hitting a record high.

Hekou Border applies inspection convenience cards

Hekou-Laocai border inspection station has issued 3,900 border inspection convenience cards.

Ports in Yunnan province

Jinghong Port on Lancang River 

Yunnan opens all its borders

Yunnan province has seen new opportunities for improving both its economy and its society now that a provincial project has become part of a national strategy.

Yunnan's plan a gateway to more visitors to southwest

KUNMING - Yunnan province sees new opportunities for its economic and social development now that the State Council has approved the provincial Gateway Project as part of its national strategy.

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