Contest inspires Chinese youth

Chen Jiehao outshone 23 other finalists to claim the title of the 21st Century Cup National English Speaking Competition on Sunday.

Dai ethnic pharmacist tries to save his craft

AI Handan, a pharmacist working at a hospital in southern China's Yunnan Province, has been lamenting the decline of his craft in recent years.

Enter the dragon

China's standing in the world is not shaped by the dragon, which in itself can evolve into any artistic manifestations artists see fit.

Various ethnic groups attend Munao Dancing Festival in China's Yunnan

About one thousand people from various ethnic groups attend the traditional festival.

Yunnan's Kuoshi Festival: a joyful celebration of life

In Yunnan province, renowned for its perpetual spring-like climate, the Lisu people in Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture are celebrating their most important festival—the Kuoshi Festival.

“Tossing bags” to open up path of friendship

The second “Tossing Bags Carnival” will be launched in Jiangcheng for the purpose of “building a beautiful and harmonious life together with friends in the neighboring countries” on Dec 9.

Chinese Writers' Association sees the light

An ethnic group writer from Yunnan province told Ye Mei, chief editor of the Beijing-based National Literature magazine, that in the past he used to conceal his ethnic identity when submitting works for publication, for fear of being looked down upon.

Opening of Fishing Season Festival

The Bai ethnic group in Dali city, Yunnan province, celebrated the Erhai Lake Opening of Fishing Season Festival on Sept 28, 2011.

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