Festivals and exhibitions

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Updated: 2013-06-25

Ethnic groups in Yunnan all have their own traditional celebrations, such as the Yi people's Torch Festival, the Dai people's Water-Sprinkling Festival and the Lisu people's Knifeladder-Climbing Festival.

These unique folk customs and cultures have drawn in more and more tourists all over the world to Yunnan, thanks to good reviews on TV, radio and the Internet. The province has seen new festivals emerging as its tourist industry develops, such as red bayberry, cauliflower and mushroom festivals.

They have also attracted many companies for trade. In 2009, more than 7,600 tons of wild mushrooms were sold in the China Nanhua Mushroom Festival, with a trade volume of 310 million yuan. The festival celebrations have become an integral part of Yunnan culture.

The conference and exhibition industry also gained momentum since the 1990s. Yunnan built the International Convention and Exhibition Center in 1993, where the first import-export fair was held. It paved the way for Yunnan to develop its tourism and exhibition markets.

The successful Kunming Trade Fair and World Expo have also greatly boosted the province's opening up, pulled up local economic development, and sped up its tourism industry and urban construction.

Kunming ranked sixth in exhibition competitiveness nationwide by the Events Fortune magazine,(an official magazine of Asia Fortune Forum,AFF) and has been named the best exhibition city for four consecutive years.

Festivals and exhibitions


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