Yunnan to double coffee plantations

The Yunnan province city plans to double the number of coffee plantations it is home to and work with the well-known coffee-store chain Starbucks and other companies to become better at processing coffee beans.

Wild elephants get free meals

Free "canteens" have been set up for wild elephants to reduce the friction with villagers caused by their return to the improved environment of Pu'er in Southwest China's Yunnan province.

Yunnan seeks to produce coffee

While most people know that tea originated in China, few associate coffee with the country.

Deputies listen to public views via weibo

Weibo, Chinese for micro blog, has risen as a tool for deputies at the National People's Congress to hear and relay the people's political voices.

Time to think beyond the box

Innovative strategies essential for a sustainable water future in China

Provincial dept director opens personal website

Luo Chongmin, director of the Yunnan Provincial Education Department, has established a personal website, making him the first director of a provincial department to do so.

Farmers get convenient banking in Yunnan

For villagers of the Nipulou village in Gudeng Town,Lushui County, Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, withdrawing money from the bank was not a easy job.

Shaky crossings to get updated

eople in the remote border regions of Yunnan province are to say goodbye to one of their traditional but more hazardous methods of travel.

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