2012 Kunming Carnival nails down in May Day holiday

Kunming plans to hold this year’s annual carnival during the May Day holiday from Apr 49 to May 1, decided by the Standing Committee of the municipal government in a recent conference.

A 9 B industry growing local flowers

After years of effort, Yunnan’s local floral industry has gone on a trajectory of fast growth. Production of local species like camellia semiserrata, Chinese orchid and alpine rose enjoyed a remarkable growth in both planting area and output in 2011.

Snub-nosed monkey breed discovered near Nujiang

The world's fifth breed of snub-nosed monkey, Rhinopithecus Strykeri, was spotted near Nujiang in southwest China's Yunnan Province, confirmed Long Yongcheng, chief scientist at the Chinese division of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and head of its primates expert team in China, on Tuesday.

Lake woes be gone

Dianchi Lake in Southwest China was so polluted it was choked up and dying. But now, the lake is starting to breathe again.

Flower power

Blooms from the nation's floriculture hub in Yunnan seldom reach major consumption areas such as Western Europe or North America, and the main reason for this is logistics.

Yunnan's little black pig by the Angry River

Yunnan is arguably the best ham in China and world-famous, although the citizens from Jinhua in Zhejiang province may beg to differ.

1st hydropower station remains in active use

China's first hydropower station is still supplying voltage to nearby residents and attracting thousands of tourists, 100 years after being built in southwest China.

People with HIV now live a better life

A UN Volunteer, who is working with UNAIDS China, has the opportunity to get involved in a wide range of areas.

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