Food – Eat at Lugu Lake

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Updated: 2011-06-20

Dinner service in the Lugu Lake Tourism Zone is mainly provided in Luoshui village and Lige village, both nearing Lugu Lake. The hotels mainly supply catering services. The breakfast is particularly sumptuous, comprised of buttered tea, porridge, steamed bread, pickles and rice threads, for tourists to help themselves. Tourists may also order meals for lunch and supper. The tourism zone furnishes bars, middle-rank restaurants and local flavor snacks. Tourists may also visit Mosuo homes to have a taste of delicious preserved pork, dried beef, buttered tea, and Sulima wine.

Food – Eat at Lugu Lake

Preserved pork: a whole hog smoked to perfection; it will not go bad for several years.

Roast fish: Processed Bayu fish, a special local product of Lugu Lake

Pickled sour fish: Traditional delicacy of Mosuo families to entertain guests. It is salted with lake fish, with viscera removed, under unique local method.

Sulima wine: Pale and yellow, this unique wine contains multiple nutritious substances, such as amino acids, carbohydrates and vitamins. It has low alcohol contents, tastes sour and sweet with faint scent. It has the functions of refreshing oneself, enhancing appetite and promoting the secretion of saliva or body fluid.

Guangdang wine: Also known as walking marriage wine, with 35°—40° alcohol contents. It emits a unique fresh scent. People will not get drunk or hurt when drinking much. The more they drink, the more they want.

Buttered tea: A drink refined from milk, looking milky white, smelling fragrant, with rich nutritional values. It is a staple drink of the Mosuo people.

Prinsepia utilis Royle: Also known as green thorn fruit oil, capable of preventing and treating hyperlipemia, coronary heart disease, vascular sclerosis, liver disease and stomach illness, prinsepia utilis Royle is oil extracted from wild plant green thorn fruits, an original creation of The Mosuo people to the side Lugu lake.

Mosuo style barbecue: roast suckling pig, roast whole lamb and roast bullfrog

Other gourmet foods of unique features of the ethnic group include Tuotuo meat, Mosuo dried sausage, juicy hog hoof, pig blood rice sausage, buckwheat cakes, silver fish and plateau red rice.


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