Entertainment – Play at Lugu Lake

Updated: 2011-06-20

Entrance ticket

Entrance ticket for Lugu Lake Tourism Zone: 100 yuan/person

Boating lines

Luoshui Village – Xiwa’e Island

Luoshui Village – Liwubi Island

Luoshui Village – Caohai Lake

Luoshui Village – circle a round

Luoshui Village – Zhaojiawan Lake

Luoshui Village – Xiwa’e Island – Liwubi Island

Entertainment – Play at Lugu Lake

Ride horse

200-300 yuan for horse ride around the lake.

Goddess Mountain cableway

90 yuan/person, up and down

Bonfire evening party

Ticket: 30 yuan/person

Time: 8:30pm every evening

Location: Daluoshui village, Xiaoluoshui village, Nisai village, Lige village

Ethnic performance

Theme: Memory of Love – Step into Mosuo matriarchal big family

Location: Lige Mosuo Culture Exhibition Center


Location: Luoshui Village

Hot spring

Location: Yongning Hot Spring Village

Reservation call

For the above activities, any visitor can call 0888-5881280 for reservation.


Sacred Lugu Lake

That is a mysterious land with a unique culture.

Folk Songs

Come and listen

Some folk songs are listed for you to enjoy.