Lodging – stay at Lugu Lake

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Updated: 2011-06-22

Villages scatter all over along Lugu Lake. The civilian buildings are constructed in unusual and fascinating styles. Most of them are houses made of lumps of wood. Taverns rebuilt from wooden houses of the Mosuo, of unique local features, are mainly based in the villages of Daluoshui, Lige, Xiaoluoshui and Nisai along the lakeside.

Lodging – stay at Lugu Lake

There are four star-level hotels:

Silver Lake Island Grand Hotel (Five-star)

Lugu Lake Holiday Inn (Four-star)

Lugu Lake Guesthouse (Three-star)

Peninsula Sunshine Club (Lige)

Silver Lake Island Grand Hotel (Five-star)

Silver Lake Island Grand Hotel is located in the Hongyazi peninsula of the Lugu Lake Tourism Zone. With three sides facing the lake, the hotel has a fabulous view, particularly of the vast expansion of water, islands in the lake, and the imposing Lion Mountain.

The hotel has a total area of 106 hectares, with 60,000 square meters to be constructed in stages. The hotel is designed as a villa complex by Canada Liang Jianwei Architecture Design (Shanghai) and the Yunnan Lijiang Architecture Design Institute. The architecture is designed in an elegant, luxurious European style, with high-grade supporting facilities, while maintaining ancient local ethnic characteristics. To date, the hotel has completed its first phase of construction, comprising five villas of 2,000 square meters, from No. 2 to No. 6 villas. The construction of the No.1 building of the presidential suite, totaling 12,000 square meters, will be complete very soon.

Introduction to the five villas of first project:

There are a total of 28 suites (40 beds) in the first stage project: five IP suites, 13 luxury suites (six single rooms and seven standard rooms), and 10 luxury small suites (five single rooms and five standard rooms). The villas have public luxury facilities, including a swimming pool, kitchen, dining hall, movie hall, parlor, fireplace and bar. They are equipped with a central air-conditioning system and network communication system. The cold and hot water supply system and power distribution system are steady and reliable. The temporary dining hall can accommodate up to 80 people.

Introduction to No.1 building of presidential suite:

The No.1 building is constructed and decorated according to international five-star standards, with complete supporting facilities.

I. Guest rooms

The No.1 building has 97 guest rooms, including 88 single and standard rooms, eight two-room suites, one three-room suite, one presidential five-room suite, and one first lady suite. Most guest rooms face the lake for a view of the Lugu scenery.

II. Dining hall

1. Multi-functional banquet hall, with a floor space of 480 square meters to accommodate to 200 people.

2. Western-style restaurant, in the elegant and romantic European style, with a total area of 216 square meters and a super-large viewing terrace.

3. Box rooms. It has seven box rooms of various styles and Mosuo features.

The hotel offers Sichuan, Yunnan, Guangdong, Hunan and Huaiyang styles of cooking. It undertakes all kinds of high and medium-grade banquets. Celebrity chefs cook mountain delicacies and animals of local ethic characteristics, which will surely leave you with unforgettable memories.

III. Meeting rooms

The hotel supplies various sized meeting rooms. The big meeting room, 486 square meters, may be separated into three small meeting rooms under requests to host big and medium-sized meetings. It also has small meeting rooms of 30 and 72 square meters. All meeting rooms are equipped with high-grade acoustic function systems.

IV. Lobby bar

The lobby bar supplies services of tea, coffee, beverage and desserts. Passengers may listen to poetic and soft background music to relieve themselves of trip fatigue.

V. Outdoor bar

The outdoor bar is sized 100 square meters, where people may drink tea and enjoy the night scene of Lugu Lake relaxed and happy.

VI. Roof garden

The roof garden is 144 square meters in area, unique, refreshing and very very nice.

VII. Supporting facilities: In order to supply guests with quality and comfortable environments and implement the policy of environmental protection and energy conservation,

1. The hotel has invested heavily to adopt the high-tech macromolecule low-temperature floor heating system.

It makes the best of the high irradiant geographical conditions, heightens the parapet walls, and paves solar energy collection pipes in the premise of ensuring the scenic spot views.

To reduce heat loss, the hotel uses advanced hollow heat isolation double-deck glass for external wall windows.

The hotel supplies a stable, reliable, and energy-saving environment-friendly air source heat pump hot water system.

2. The hotel supplies a people-friendly guest room intelligence control system, and multiple viewing guest elevators.

The rooms are equipped with high-grade luxury high definition liquid crystal hotel-only TV sets and Kent telephones.

It has a stable and credible 100MW optical communications network system.

It has a full channel satellite TV signal receiving system.

3. The hotel has a high standard monitoring and security system.

It has a safe and reliable grade 1 fire extinguishing system.

4. The hotel has an advanced quality hotel management software system.

It has a well-trained staff of multiple ethnic groups to serve customers.

Silver Lake Island Hotel looks forward to your patronage, and you will enjoy the wonderland of Lugu Lake.

Peninsula Sunshine Club (Lige)

The club, located to the side of Lugu Lake and at the end of the Lige peninsula, combines modern comforts with the ancient culture of the Mosuo. It provides you with a private space to enjoy natural green hills, clear water, twittering birds, the setting sun and an evening glow…. It creates a homeland for your soul! You may hold small private parties, business meetings, entertainment, and honeymoon trips here!

The peninsula sunlight club has nine rooms with a view of the landscapes of mountain and lake. The 1:1 ratio of public to leisure quarters contain a lake-scene restaurant, lakeside teahouse, study and shade pavilion for rest.


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