Updated: 2011-06-22

Line 1: Lijiang ancient town – Ninglang county seat – Lugu Lake;

Line 2: Lijiang ancient town – Mingyin – Fengke – Labo – Lugu Lake;

Line 3: Panzhihua -- Ninglang county seat – Lugu Lake. Besides, tourists may go to Xichang through the scenic spots and Yanyuan of Sichuan province.

Lijiang——Lugu Lake Expresses: 70 yuan/person

Lijiang——Ninglang——Lugu Lake (minibus): 60 yuan/person (30 yuan/person from Lijiang to Ninglang, and 30 yuan/person from Ninglang to Lugu Lake)

Tourists may circle around the lake in the scenic spot, with chartered bus, personal vehicles or hiking.




Sacred Lugu Lake

That is a mysterious land with a unique culture.

Folk Songs

Come and listen

Some folk songs are listed for you to enjoy.