Lugu Lake Airport

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Updated: 2011-07-01

On April 19, 2008, the provincial party committee and the provincial government of Yunnan province held in Lijiang an on-site meeting on the reconstruction and expansion of Lijiang Airport and the preliminary work of Lugu Lake Airport.

On April 14, 2009, the provincial government of Yunnan province held in Ninglang County an on-site meeting on the acceleration of the preliminary wok of the construction of Lugu Lake Airport and specially studied related matters on the acceleration of the preliminary work of the construction of Lugu Lake Airport.

Lugu Lake Airport is defined as a small airport of domestic tourist branch lines. Situated at Shifo Mountain, Hongqiao township, Ninglang county, the site of the airport has an elevation of 3,265 meters with a distance of 25km from Lugu Lake and 50km from the county town. It occupies a total area of approximately 175ha (which equals 2,625 mu). The indicator of the flight zone is 4C, and Boeing 737-700 and Boeing A319 will be chosen as its main airplane models, with Kunming being its major flight destination and Chengdu, Chongqing and Guiyang also covered at the same time.

At this phase of the project, a new runway with the length of 3,600m and the width of 45m, as well as a terminal of 4,000 sqm and related supporting facilities, will be constructed. The total investment of the project is estimated to be around 840 million yuan (excluding the special highways of the airport), and according to a preliminary forecast of the air traffic, Lugu Lake Airport’s annual passenger throughput in the recent future (by 2020) will be approximately 485,000 persons.

The implementation of the construction project of Lugu Lake Airport is significant for improving the civil aviation network in the southwestern region, ameliorating Yunnan’s overall transport environment and air transportation conditions, speeding up the development of Ninglang Lugu Lake’s outstanding tourist resources, expanding the opening up both internally and externally, promoting the second pioneering of Yunnan’s tourism, driving the economic and social development of the ethnic minority areas and even strengthening the construction of national defense.


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