Lugu Lake Lige Mosuo Culture Exhibition Center

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Updated: 2011-07-01

Lugu Lake is a drop of tears of goddess in the legend. In like manner, Mosuo is an accidentally lost civilization. Entering the fairyland hidden in remote mountains, you will reach the most primitive nature of mankind.

Lugu Lake Lige Mosuo Culture Exhibition Center is a two-storey frame-structured building with about 1,200 square meters floor space. Integrated with neighboring folk houses, it serves as a platform to exhibit the traditional Mosuo culture of the Lugu lake area. It is the theatre for performances of Love song of the Boudoir, a show to demonstrate the Mosuo matriarchal community in the Lugu lake scenic region.

Lugu Lake Lige Mosuo Culture Exhibition Center

To satisfy the need to present true rustic feelings of Mosuo people in performances, the theatre is designed small and exquisite, in reference to Mosuo dwellings layouts. It is decorated with primitive simplicity, enabling audiences to personally experience lives of Mosuo people in specific situations under unique designs and decorations. Audiences will compare the Mosuo culture with contemporary mainstream society, and subsequently make self-examination. For these, the performances are destined to be more than mere entertainment. They will make audiences smile at heart in the experience and reflection of real life.

The central performance quarter of the theatre, integrated with the audience seats, is an enlarged lifelike Grannie Room. Two flower chambers are set up circling the central performance quarter to fully incarnate Mosuo architecture features and romance of Mosuo people. The theatre wall towards Lugu Lake could be opened completely to join the real lake, leading to high tide in ideal connection of the two worlds…. Mosuo performers present most primitive folk music and dances to make tourists better understand the memorable folk customs and mysterious matriarchal culture, which elevates cultural contents of Lugu tourism and makes the tourist enjoy an unforgettable happy time.

Since 2007, Lugu lake management committee has invited the famous Guangzhou Jimei Design Co., Ltd. and Kunming Zhuhan Jingdi Decoration and Design Co., Ltd. to design and decorate the Mosuo culture exhibition center at Lige of Lugu lake scenic region. As a result of arduous efforts, it has finally cultivated landmark architecture in Lige village at the side of Lugu Lake.

In 2010, Love song of the Boudoir Lige theatre, by virtue of superior concept and practical effects in design, decoration and functions, won the 2010 global ic@-word indoor design competition gold ring prize, which makes it a major tourism brand of Lugu lake scenic region.


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