Grand show on stage on July 1

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Updated: 2011-07-01

Grand show on stage on July 1

The splendid performance -Love song of the Boudoir, walk in the Mosuo Matriarchal Community is on stage on July 1st.

The performance involves a performance that was developed by the Lijiang Lugu Lake Province-level Tourism Region Management Committee, the Lijiang Lugu Lake Mosuo Culture Performance Co, the Beijing Poly Performance Co, and Yunnan Hongtuqing Music and Art Studio, over a three-year period. It is intended to reflect the culture of the Mosuo matriarchal community, and the painstaking efforts and dreams of the Mosuo people near Lugu Lake. It cost more than 10 million yuan to develop.

The performanceLove song of the Boudoir, walk in the Mosuo Matriarchal Communityis meant to present the highest level the Mosuo matriarchal cultural contents in Lugu lake area and is the first time all aspects of the Mosuo matriarchal community in daily life. Labor, love, religion, etiquette, and festivals have been presented. The shows are the effort of real Mosuo people, with real performances, garments, stage props, and music. They reflect Mosuo actions, love songs, worship, and the dance with heaven and earth and the echoing of nature. Audiences will cherish the embrace of maternal ancestors and the feelings that are as pure as the holy lake.

The project gives a realistic, original, and tasteful interaction with the audience, who can directly perceive the uniquely mysterious cultural heritage and folk custom of the Mosuo people, the last matriarchal group in China.

While it gives tourists experience of primitive folk custom, it also helps the cultural-tourist products of the lake’s “kingdom of women”. It makes the matriarchal concepts of the Lugu Lake area - freedom, love, duty and harmony - become core values of the place, and a unique tourist brand that is hard to imitate anywhere else. The project is significant for promoting the Mosuo matriarchal traditions and protecting them, and for giving tourists a quality primitive folk-custom experience, as well as for establishing a brand name for the “kingdom of women”, and making Lugu Lake a tourist, entertainment resort.


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