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Lugu Lake Airport under research

Updated: 2011-11-17

On Nov 10, according to the Yunnan Airport Association, the Feasibility Study Report of Lugu Lake Airport has received approval. The project establishment and approval will be accomplished by the end of this year, and the airport will be constructed next year.

Lugu Lake Airport under research

The geography features of Lugu Lake area are big challenges for airport construction. The airport is located in High-Cold Mountainous Areas which hit temperatures close to -10℃ at night. The runway will be set 3,293.5 meters above sea level. The icy roads in the winter, landslides in the summer, surface collapses and unsteady slopes are hidden security dangers for the construction.

Among the 12 active airports in Yunnan, five airports have been put to use; Changshui International Airport of Kunming, Lijiang airport and Xishuangbanna Airport are under construction; four airports, including Lugu Lake Airport, are in the initial research and preparation period. Tourists will be able take a nonstop journey once the Lugu Lake Airport is completed instead transferring flights in Lijiang.

The special access highway for the airport began work on June 30, and the construction is expected to finish within the year.


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