Cultural landscape film issued in Lugu Lake

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Updated: 2011-11-29

On the afternoon of Nov 18, 2011, “Kingdom of women in Lugu Lake”, a cultural and scenic film on Lugu Lake, was officially issued by sales.

Cultural landscape film issued in Lugu Lake

The film which lasted 7 years’ shooting is a painstaking masterpiece of two Moso young men named Erqing and Duoji.

The beautiful scenes and refined language in the film would easily allow people to be familiar with Lugu Lake and the Mosuo people in a relatively short period of time. In this film, lives of Mosuo People can be reflected from the natural beauty of lakes and mountains, unique maternal living style, romantic walking marriage system, particular religious rites and fascinating Mosuo folk dances.

The two Mosuo young men, Erqing and Duoji, have devoted themselves to exploring and disseminating Mosuo culture over the past ten years. For instance, they established the Mosuo Museum of Folk Customs with self-raised funds in the year of 1998.

While in the process of cultural exploration and dissemination, they notice that many old customs are gradually changing and even fading away, which is a real grief. Therefore they decided to save the valuable culture by producing this film.

Initially, although the two got into the cash-strapped, they still bought some recording and shooting equipment while studying. In order to improve the shooting techniques, they attended several training programs in the city of Kunming and Beijing.

Gradually, they became proficient on photographing and confident on film producing, and often went deep into remote areas to shoot real-life scenes and religious rites of Mosuo people.

The two guys hope the film would publicize the beautiful landscape in the Lugu Lake region and unique living style of the local people, and guide tourists to be familiar with Mosuo culture while enjoying the local natural beauty, thereby respect the Mosuo culture and Mosuo people.

The public releasing of “Kingdom of Women” will contribute to inheriting, protecting Mosuo culture and promoting tourism development; it is a pushing force to promote tourism economic growth and establish Lugu Lake scenic spot a world-famous tourism brand.


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