Yongning Hot Spring

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Updated: 2015-09-02

Yongning Hot Spring

Yongning Hot Spring is called a ‘hot pond’ by locals. The water is extremely clear and visitors can bathe all year round. [Photo from ljluguhu.com.cn]

Yongning Hot Spring is 10 kilometers away from the county seat and 30 kilometers away from Lugu Lake. The water of the spring is very clear and is hot all year round. People can bathe in any season.

The water used to be hot enough to boil an egg. The temperature went down gradually and is currently 37 °C, suitable for people to have baths. It is extremely beneficial to the human body because the water has abundant sulfured hydrogen, which can cure skin disease and rheumatic arthritis.

In the past, the hot spring was only a natural pond. When farmers were not busy, they often came to have a bath and then dance and sing around the spring.

Now, there are separate bathing houses for men and women. The spring has convenient transportation and the accommodation is good, with the new hotels and stores.


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