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Donkey Village Restaurant

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Updated: 2015-10-15

Donkey Village Restaurant features all kinds of dishes made from donkey meat, such as donkey meat hotpot and donkey intestines.

Donkey Village Restaurant

Donkey Intestine is a popular dish among the Lijiang locals. It is served at Donkey Village Restaurant all the year round. [Photo/ljgc.gov.cn]

Donkeys only eat natural grasses rather than artificial feed. Donkey meat is tender and fat but not greasy. It has higher protein and lower fat than beef and lamb, and it contains necessary trace elements and essential amino acids.

Donkey Village Restaurant is ready to offer premium donkey dishes to visitors from home and abroad. Address: No 316, Changshui Road, Gucheng district, the old town of Lijiang, Yunnan province.

Tel: 0888-5134567

Donkey Village Restaurant

Donkey Hotpot is a mixture of donkey meat, green pepper, quail egg, carrots and tofu. It is believed to be tonic in autumn and winter. [Photo/ljgc.gov.cn]

Donkey Village Restaurant

Donkey Village Restaurant is decorated in a rural style to allow diners to experience what it feels like to dine at a farmer’s house. [Photo/ljgc.gov.cn]



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