Axia Quiet Valley
The valley is 1500 meters long and up to 100 meters wide, with old trees above a quiet and clear water.

  Yongning Hot Spring
Ten kilometers away from the county seat and 30 kilometers away from Lugu Lake, Yongning Hot Spring The water of the spring jhas very clear water and is hot all year round.

  Walking Marriage Bridges
Located at the southeastern part of Lugu Lake, Walking Marriage Bridge is the only bridge on the Lake. There are dense reeds, so it is called “Grass sea” among locals.

  Observation Deck
Located at the east bank of Lugu Lake, the observation deck is known as the best place for a panorama of the Lake.

  A Xia Secluded Valley
Beyond the southwest corner of Lugu Lake, a clear spring traverses the middle of Sanjia village and flows into the lake along the rim of a meadow.

  Liwubi Island
Liwubi Island, Xiwa’e Island and Lige Island have been called the three magical islands of Lugu Lake.

  Zhudi and Xiaohaizi lakes
In the past, those Mosuo people would go reap water chestnuts in Zhudi Lake which teems with fish and water chestnuts, to make, water chestnut powder or cakes.

  Yongning Headman Office
Yongning Headman Office was originally built at Kaiji Bridge, known as Kaijiwa’a to the Mosuo.

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Sacred Lugu Lake

That is a mysterious land with a unique culture.

Folk Songs

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Some folk songs are listed for you to enjoy.