The Coming of Age Ceremony
The Coming of Age Ceremony is very important for Mosuo people. It is usually held on the first day of the lunar New Year, when the kids are 13 years old.

  Enter the dragon
China's standing in the world is not shaped by the dragon, which in itself can evolve into any artistic manifestations artists see fit.

  Tibetan Buddhism
Tibetan Buddhism was introduced to the settlements of the Mosuo and Pumi ethnic groups in Yongning, Langqu, Muli and Yanyuan during the late Song Dynasty and early Yuan Dynasty through Batang and Litang of Sichuan province.

  Daba religion
The primitive religion of the Mosuo people is called Daba, which is closely associated with the Dongba religion of the Naxi ethnic group of Lijiang.

  Encircling-mountain Festival
In the Mosuo language, the Encircling-mountain Festival is called Er Guo or Ri Ze Guo. Er means mountain, Guo means encircling and Ri Ze means the mountain god.

  Encircling-lake Festival
In the Mosuo language, the Encircling-lake Festival is called xie guo, meaning encircling the mother lake and offering sacrifices to the mother lake.

  Coming-of-age ceremony
Known as the “skirt-wearing ceremony” for girls and “trouser-wearing ceremony” for boys, the coming-of-age ceremonies are held on the morning of Jan 1 in the lunar calendar.

  Mosuo family
In a traditional Mosuo family, an uncle takes charge of etiquette and the mother controls the family’s wealth.

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Sacred Lugu Lake

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