Tiger Leaping Gorge
The Yangzi River at this point passes through a 16 kilometer long valley, one of the deepest gorges anywhere in the world.

  Top 10 fairylands in Yunnan
Yunnan has some of the most magical and diverse sceneries in all of China. Here come the top 10 beautiful fairylands which will impress and intrigue you.

  Dongba Culture Museum
In this museum, you can observe the footprint of history, and your wisdom will also be inspired.

  Tea and horse road
Lijiang was one of the important locations on the tea and horse road.

  The complex of Shuhe residence
Located at the 4 kilometer’s northwestern side of Lijiang, it was formerly a bazaar surrounded by mountains and rivers.

  Five Phoenixes Building in Fuguo Temple
Located at the north side of Black Dragon Garden, it was built in 1601 and was listed as a Yunnan Key Historical site in 1983.

  Yulong Snow Mountain
Her beauty stems not only from the grand mountains and silver white snow, but also from the fast-changing climate.

  Dreamland of Shangri-la Tour
The trip takes you to the old and unsophisticated villages and the dreamland of Shangri-la from the modern capital city of Yunnan-Kunming that is famous for the mild climate all year round.

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Sacred Lugu Lake

That is a mysterious land with a unique culture.

Folk Songs

Come and listen

Some folk songs are listed for you to enjoy.