Cultural landscape film issued in Lugu Lake2011-11-29
On the afternoon of Nov 18, 2011, “Kingdom of women in Lugu Lake”, a cultural and scenic film on Lugu Lake, was officially issued by sales.

Lugu Lake Airport under research2011-11-17
Tourists will be able take a nonstop journey once the Lugu Lake Airport is completed instead transferring flights in Lijiang.

Grand show on stage on July 12011-07-01
The splendid performance -Love song of the Boudoir, walk in the Mosuo Matriarchal Community is on stage on July 1st.

Lugu Lake Lige Mosuo Culture Exhibition Center2011-07-01
It is the theatre for performances of Love song of the Boudoir, a show to demonstrate the Mosuo matriarchal community in the Lugu lake scenic region.

Lugu Lake Airport2011-07-01
Lugu Lake Airport is defined as a small airport of domestic tourist branch lines. At this phase of the project, a new runway with the length of 3,600m and the width of 45m, as well as a terminal of 4,000 sqm and related supporting facilities, will be constructed.

Kingdom of Women2011-07-01

A new town is going to be built in a wide, beautiful surroundings.

Love Song of the Boudoir2011-06-30

The performance Love song of the Boudoir is meant to present local life.


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