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Lugu Lake promotes its tourism at CITM2015-11-13
Lugu Lake participated in the 2015 China International Travel Mart (CITM) that kicked off in Kunming, Yunnan province on Nov 13.

Chengdu Shitang Restaurant2015-10-16
Chengdu Shitang Restaurant offers special cuisine of Chengdu style in the Old Town of Lijiang.

Donkey Village Restaurant2015-10-15
Donkey Village Restaurant features all kinds of dishes made from donkey meat, such as donkey meat hotpot and donkey intestines.

Aluqiu Fish Restaurant2015-10-14
The restaurant at Jinkai Plaza features salmon and also caters unique food such as lamb and steam-pot chicken.

Weidangjia Salmon Restaurant2015-10-13
Weidangjia Salmon Restaurant is famous for its salmon hot pot, which uses a unique soup base.

The Old Town of Lijiang renovates its scenic spots2015-10-12
The old town of Lijiang has been working on reconstruction and renovation of scenic spots.

Lishengyuan Village Restaurant2015-10-11
Lishengyuan Village Restaurant advocates ecological food. It mainly offers spicy fish, roast fish, barbecue, and hot pot.

Lions Village Restaurant2015-10-09
Lions Village Restaurant has a famous dish of black goat meat. It selects premium meat and adopts a traditional cooking method that makes the meat tender

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