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Lugu Lake, where the fairies live2011-02-11
Located at the boundary of southwest China's Sichuan province and Yunnan province, Lugu Lake is a mysterious land with charming sceneries and a unique matriarchal culture.

Legend of Lugu Lake2011-06-22
According to one, the goddess Gemu was a diligent, beautiful girl in Zhebo Village at the foot of Lion Mountain. Young men admired her and wanted to court her...

History of Lugu Lake2011-06-22
The history of the Mosuo people has been recorded in numerous historical records. Records of the Grand Historian and History of the Han Dynasty referred to them as “Mao Niu Qiang” and “Mao Niu Yi”.

Introduction to Lugu Lake2011-06-20
The Lugu Lake Tourism Zone is 200 kilometers away from Lijiang. Inside the zone are the clear, blue waters of Lugu Lake, Yongning Dam, Lion Mountain, Goddess Valley, 17 sand beaches and one island connected to the zone by a dyke.

Where women rule2009-01-01
Soon after setting foot in the ancient town of Lijiang, on a high plateau in mountainous northwest Yunnan province, you will likely come across a large water-wheel and hear ethnic tunes, then catch sight of a group of dancers dancing in the middle of the square.

Sisters doing it for themselves2007-08-01
Wu Sha is quite a catch: She has a master's degree, a well-paid job in a stock agency and her fair share of good looks. But the 28-year-old from Shanghai is still single.

Secret of a Walking Marriage Custom2007-06-13
It was American writer, botanist and longtime resident of Yunnan Joseph Rock who once wrote that the last peaceful place on the planet, the last place where war has never existed...


Sacred Lugu Lake

That is a mysterious land with a unique culture.

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