Dinner service in the Lugu Lake Tourism Zone is mainly provided in Luoshui village and Lige village, both nearing Lugu Lake.

Taverns rebuilt from wooden houses of the Mosuo, of unique local features, are mainly based in the villages of Daluoshui, Lige, Xiaoluoshui and Nisai along the lakeside.

Some routes are listed to help visitors arrange their time and plan their tours.

Visitors enjoy boating, horse riding and bonfire evening party in addition to climbing mountains and viewing sceneries.

The main tourism products in the scenic spots are preserved pork, dried apple, Mosuo handmade shawl, scarf, green thorn fruit oil, silverware, Sulima wine, ethnic clothing (decorated waistband and felt cap), folk song CDs, plateau red rice, and traditional Chinese medicinal herbs.

Tourists may circle around the lake in the scenic spot, with chartered bus, personal vehicles or hiking.


Sacred Lugu Lake

That is a mysterious land with a unique culture.

Folk Songs

Come and listen

Some folk songs are listed for you to enjoy.