Gulls from Siberia winter in Kunming

Tens of thousands of black-headed gulls fly to Kunming from Siberia to spend the winter each year since 1985.

Erhai lake holds fishing opening festival

A Chinese Bai ethnic minority fisherman pulls two cormorants away from a fish during Erhai lake fishing opening festival in Dali, Yunnan province September 28, 2011. The cormorants are domesticated for fishing.

Impression of Yunnan

Mooncake: Impression of Yunnan.crowne plaza

14th Kunming International Flower Exhibition

The 14th Kunming International Flower Exhibition was held in Kunming of Yunnan province, Sept 7, 2011.

Ports in Yunnan province

Jinghong Port on Lancang River 

Breathtaking beauty of nature in Yunnan, Xinjiang

Gui Peng was a career lawyer for thirty years before a photography addiction took over. Gui said he simply likes travelling, discovering and sharing beauty with others.

Vast expanse of lotus pond in Yunnan

Visitors watch lotus flowers in Qiubei County, southwest China's Yunnan Province, July 11, 2011. The beautiful scenery here attracts numerous visitors.

Summer trip to Yunnan

Visitors enjoy boating in Puzhehei scenic spot in Qiubei County, Yunnan Province, July 11, 2011. As summer vacation comes, a great quantity of tourists will visit the Puzhehei Karst scenic spot.

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