China-ASEAN Industrial Cooperation Conference

While Yunnan province gets itself ready to be the business and trade gateway to South and Southeast Asian countries, its capital, Kunming, expects to play a major role as a hub for all that activity, the Party chief has said.

Kunming aims to be 'regional air hub'

The capital of Yunnan province will build itself into a gateway city for China's opening up to the Southwest before 2015, according to the Party secretary.

2011 Yunnan High-Grade Jadeite Appreciation Conference

The first diamond quality certificate was shown at the 2011 Yunnan High-Grade Jadeite Appreciation Conference, on April 21.The first regional jadeite quality standards in Yunnan have come from the province's Gem and Jade Quality Supervision Inspection and Research Institute, in a move to "discipline the flourishing market".

Yunnan - pillar of booming regional business

Yunnan's role as a regional gateway attracted the attention of the financial world during a recent summit held in Kunming, capital of this southwestern province.

2010 Yunnan High-grade Jadeite (Summer) Appreciation Fair

With a history spanning 7,000 years jade is a symbol of honor, faith and immortality for many Chinese. Jewelers are displaying their wares this week at the six-day Yunnan High-grade Jadeite Summer Appreciation Fair.

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